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Tesla Hong Kong Special Event - Elon Musk & Jon McNeill - Jan 25, 2016

Many thanks to Elon, Jon & Tesla Hong Kong for putting on an absolutely fantastic event!! KEY POINTS: Tesla Goal: To accelerate the advent of sustainable ...

"Winging it!" - Craig Sullivan (Optimal Visit, UK) @ SUPERWEEK 2015

ABOUT SUPERWEEK: SUPERWEEK conference is a unique, annual gathering of data evangelists, analysts and thought leaders of the Modern Web Industry.

Pedal Time GPS timing software demo

Pedal Time is a timing application that can be used to time laps, record pit changes, show where a bike is and much more. It can be used manually or the GPS ...

EMMA JENKINS of GiffGaff on Joined-Up Marketing

Emma Jenkins, Cheif Marketing Officer at GiffGaff, speaks about her favourite examples of Joined-Up Marketing, and the challenges facing marketers attempting ...

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